First Completed Assignment

Traditional Work

This is my new workspace.

During the first semester, my core course load consists of Gross Anatomy, Computer Applications, Instructional Design and Anatomical Visualization. The first assignment I just completed consists of two drawings for Anatomical Visualization. Both are illustrations of the shoulder girdle. One is an anterior view depicting ligaments, the other is a posterior view depicting axioappendicular muscles of the scapula. The goal of this assignment was to choose a perspective from each view which best described the specified muscles or ligaments.

The process began with refreshing my understanding of perspective. This was followed by life drawing of an actual model (oppose to a virtual 3-D model). The model represented a scapula, clavicle and proximal humerus. This allowed me to understand the distortion which arises when objects come at the chosen picture plan ( this can be seen in my drawing of the anterior with the clavicle). I definitely enjoyed the technique and the process of using plexiglass, to represent the picture plane, and measuring the model. After I established my initial drawing, I used textbook reference as well as my bone box to fill in details. I am excited to hear reviews of my work tomorrow. I always find it interesting to see how others perceive what I end up creating.

Below are the final products:


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