Cardiovascular Disease & Obesity Infographic


For our Instructional Design class a recent assignment to create an infographic using statistics. While we were given graphs to chose from, I thought it would be interesting to see what other research would be available to enhance the basic information.

The first infographic was created by Jennifer Rogers and myself, about cardiovascular disease. Our intention was to present the basic graph to state how men and women are both affected by cardiovascular disease. On the other side we showed the risks which can lead to cardiovascular disease. Men and women were separated to show how they fit into each risk differently. It was interesting to see how the data matched up. When doing the research we expected that women would have ‘riskier behavior’. However, from the data we gathered, and the visuals they made, we realized this was not necessarily the case. And while most would think this makes a contradicting infographic, we recognized this as still informative. It presents the actual data as well as new ideas to think about. The visuals mainly aim to make people aware of what risk behaviors are associated with the disease, and allows the audience to contemplate what area they may fall into.

Cardiovascular Disease - Who is at risk?

The infographic I created on my own dealt with obesity in children. The statistic I choose originally just compared the amount of obese girls vs obese boys over time. I decided it would be more interesting to look at statistics about what children eat and then compare it to what they should be eating. What the children should eat is based on a ‘moderately active’ child. The results can be even more dramatic once taking into account the child’s activity level and what types of fats, carbohydrates or protein they are eating.  I tried to make it clear that each child is different and this should be taken into account, however, what children are lacking in there diet becomes very evident.

Obesity in Children

I definitely enjoyed this project. For a while I have enjoyed looking at infographics from and other sites.  It felt good to finally make one myself and realized that a little research goes a long way ( and actually isn’t that difficult or overly time consuming to acquire).


(Update : I uploaded my infographic to, you should go like it )


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