Knee Joint


The assignment was to create three illustrations, one of all the bones in the knee joint ( + the fibula) and label the bones as well as the axis of rotation, and fit them into a box. The second, a midsagittal cut through the joint to illustrate the compact and spongey bone. The third was to represent flexion and extension along the midsagittal plane. My first reference was a knee joint model to use to determine the initial perspective.  When trying to figure out the definite shape of each bone I used a different piece of tracing paper for each bone, so if need be I could move them around ( and tape them together, then tracing on a separate sheet of paper all four bones).

psd work file


When trying to understand flexion and extension I realized I didn’t do enough observing with the model we were presented. So I improvised:

Bone Rigg


I edited some of the lines of the box after our critique and I edited out some of the labels of the planes. I am still not completely happy with the labels of the planes. I am still getting accustomed to illustrator.


(My disclaimer : all the the pieces due for Anatomical Visualization are supposed to be final drafts, not final drawings so any remnants from scanning are not taken into consideration . . . yet. )


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