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I don’t know why but I am feeling this strange pull towards coding. I like the idea that you can create imagery with the computer. And while I love using my hands to create work, making the process more personal and physical, I find it interesting and sometimes more efficient  going from having conceptual ideas to digitally creating them.

Yesterday at our SAMA meeting I got really excited about the announcement of a a local (FREE) conference that will be help at UIC Innovation Center, Mobile Processing. This workshop will introduce the possibilities using Proccessing & JavaScript on mobile platforms.

I found this following example after looking at one of the presenter‘s website. While the following example is not specifically a mobile app ( as far as I can see, may have one available) it is a neat application which gathers personal data and displays it in a simple manner.

Tritrack allows the user (trainee) to keep track of there preperation for the 2011 Dextro Energy Triathlon London. The thickness of the line indicates the distance traveled for each event and the slope indicates the pace the individual is keeping. This tracker also allows individuals to keep an eye on nutrition, sleep and exertion (something that most people forget to keep in check while training for big events). I like how simple it is. And I think something like this helps individuals become more conscious of progress, something that is hard to just keep in your memory.

Maybe one day I will find some sort of midpoint, creating illustrations and bringing them to an interactive environment.  I will let you know how the conference goes.


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