Heart & Liver Drawing – Fin

Traditional Work

Assignment 3 is complete! Well enough for critique. One thing with artwork is the infinite feeling of ‘more that could be done’.  First I would like to show you my shapes:

And now for the final piece (sans labeling):

Some advice I was given was to incorporate darker darks and some lighter lights, including but not limited to contrast. I did start to loose some over all shape of the heart as a whole when I got into working on the textures. This assignment was interesting because a lot of people executed the liver differently, and seeing the solutions to different problems was enlightening. A big problem with this task, was to figure out how to show that all the different veins going into the right atrium separately. Given that they are all in the same area, it was easy to misconstrue the drawing and lead the audience to believe all the veins joined together before entering the atrium. A successful solution, used by most, was ghosting the veins behind the left hepatic vein. Another individual displayed this even more successfully with a ‘cut-out’ of the left hepatic vein, showing where the veins drain into the atrium.

Over all though I feel confident that I put all I could into this piece by planning ahead, looking at lots of research and discussing issues during the creation process. I look forward to going back into this drawing and really punching up the over all form of the heart!


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