“If you’re not failing every now and again, . . .

Creative Coding, Graphical Works

. . . it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovating.” – Woody Allen

The UIC Innovation Center was an exciting place to be this afternoon. The first informal workshop for the 2011 Processing with Android Mobile Conference. The goal was to get anyone signed up for a workshop, set up in advance. Allowing the presenters to spend more time sharing what they know, oppose to installing software. For those of us who have never used Processing before, an introduction into creative coding was given. The following are screenshots from an example given:


And me just playing around:

This last image shows the program we wrote working in the emulator (a program that shows you how the application would work on the device). When you click the circle would change to white with a black stroke. And wherever you moved your finger, the circle would follow.

Want to try it yourself??! (–You should. . . it is fun!)

Just download the latest version of Processing2.

The download and install the Android SDK API ( you should only have to install 4.0 and Android 2.2 (API 8)”, select “SDK Platform” and “Google APIs by Google Inc, If you are not sure you can select and install all of them, however its not necessary and will probably only take up more memory space).

Then after you open Processing2 switch from ‘Standard’ to ‘Android’ ( you will see this in the top right, your coding environment will turn green). When you press ‘Run’ the application should open the emulator (If you have an android device, plug it into your computer and try running this way). The first time around the emulator can take a while to load. Then after it loads, you may have to press ‘Run’ another time. Its okay, just press it again and things should work fine ;).  It was very nice to have this informal workshop, and a supportive group to help with installation. Sometimes it can easily get frustrating when trying to do these things on my own.

If you need subsequent documentation http://www.processing.org/ is the place to go. I have dipped my toes in multiple coding language pools, and I really think (at least for those who like to crawl before walking without understanding all the mechanics) learning to code in this environment is a good first step (just if you switch to a language more intense understand it will be less forgiving).  Happy creative coding!




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