Organ-ic Surface Anatomy


This project was interesting (and by interesting I mean slightly frustrating, but we will get there). As explained in previous posts, the task was to draw the figure in anatomical position then draw the figures skeleton and figure out where the organs fit.
My organ choice was the stomach with duodenum and the colon.

References differed but most text agreed where organs fit according to different planes and, for the most part, the ribs.

I redrew my original figure drawing by fixing the anatomy and proportions on only one side. Then, I flipped the scan in Adobe Photoshop to achieve the above figure and placed the skeleton within the anatomy. After redrawing the skeleton several times (especially the ribs, which I ended up only drawing half of and flipping as well)  I came up with the  skeleton below. Finally, I placed the organs in the correct locations.

After scanning each layer I lined the skeleton up with the surface anatomy. Next, I lined the organs up with the skeleton. I then printed a test sheet to double check how the organs, skeleton and surface anatomy lined up. Things looked correct except some of the surface anatomy no longer fit the skeleton. After double checking proportions, I determined the surface anatomy needed to be redrawn to match the skeleton.  I used my original figure drawing as reference for the final figure.

Ultimately, I think things turned out well (small disclaimer — below, you can see some tone in the figure. This was intentionally done to prevent lines from being to light. However, I Photoshopped white around the figure so labels would show clearly).

My reference list for this piece:

Atlas of Anatomy — Anne M. Gilroy et al.
Essential Clinical Anatomy — Keith Moore
Artistic Anatomy — Dr Paul Richer
How to Draw — FIgure Drawing for All its Worth — Andrew Loomis
Atlas of Human Anatomy Vol 2 – Sobotta/Figge
Gray’s Anatomy Online Reference 00 Text and the Following Illustrations:


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