Simplifying Complexity — Insulin/Glucose Feedback System


My last Instructional Design assignment is to create a schematic which simplifies complexity. The subject I chose was insulin and how it regulates glucose in the bloodstream. As a final product the piece would be an animation. But for the sake of this assignment I am merely illustrating a storyboard.

I thought this would be an interesting concept because given the potential to have a broad audience. First and foremost the subject relates to nutrition and regulating metabolism. This storyboard delivers information that could be used to inform the general public on how food is used within the body at a cellular level. Second, it can be used to inform those learning about diabetes. This storyboard would serve as a tool to educate on how insulin works when everything goes as naturally planned, before learning how it is not working in diabetes 1 or 2. I also chose this subject because I knew I would enjoy rendering out the different environments in each storyboard frame.

The final will have begin and end with photographs ( representing live action film to start the animation). Then animation will begin with photos of a person eating (in-taking the fuel source) and end with the individual running (using the fuel source). Stay tuned for the photograph and the final rendered piece!


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