A Productive Weekend


I have finally finished the storyboards from my previous post! I did not anticipated the process taking as long as it did but I definitely gained from the experience. In Adobe Photoshop I created a layer from each frame sketch. I got rid of as much tone as possible in order to create black and white line drawings. I then created another layer (for each frame) which I used to paint on. This paint layer used the ‘multiply’ property to allow the lines of the sketches to show through. I enjoy how using Adobe Photoshop allows for creation and duplication of layers allowing me to reuse scenes for certain frames, making the final piece more consistent when certain frames have matching environments. For example, the storyboard below returns multiple times to the bloodstream. In my process I was able to use the background environment over and create a layer above it adding information to the scene which may have changed.

After painting I individually exported each frame to Adobe Illustrator, where I then added text and assembled the overall final product. Now you can be more informed on the body regulates blood sugar levels!

The New Professional Website of Autumn Kulaga


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