New Beginnings & Technologies

Planning Ahead

In the beginning of every semester I always feel excitement for the things to come. It is only two weeks into the semester and most of my classes have already covered much material.  I am taking Illustration Techniques, Computer Viusalization ( to learn how to deal with more 3-dimensional media), Haptics and Augmented Reality (to learn C++ and simulation of touch technologies), as well as Business and a Research class. I am also working on campus with the Office of Marketing and Communications. I have left myself with time to be bored.

Illustration Technique assignments are due just around the corning. After this weekend I will be able to show some sketches. Our first assignment is to teach the class how to articulate with line using pen & ink, as well as digital media.

In Computer Visualization, we are being taught in Autodesk’s 3d Studio Max. I have some Maya experience, so it has been a task just to change hot keys muscle memories. Within the past two weeks the class has already modeled a syringe and red blood cells. While I have done some 3d modeling, I am eager to learn more. My texture and lighting books recently arrived, so hopefully over the weekend I can makes some time with them as well.  I also want to learn about textures, but I am a little fearful of unwrapping UV maps (Oh the memories of frustration).

Business class will be good in that it will hopefully provide me insight for how to properly handle the necessities that no artists enjoys, dealing with clients. Through recommendations ( ) and on my own accord ( the beginning of this year seems to be forcing me to document my work. These are programs which help prioritize and time manage my tasks. While the process seems a little neurotic, I am starting to see a benefit.

And while I may not be able to fit in time over the course of this semester, something I want to learn more about is developing tablet applications.

Personally, I am an android :, so enjoy:


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