The Uterus

Inspiration, Planning Ahead, Traditional Work

Invertebrates produce motile spermatozoa and non-motile spermatozoa, giving their sub-phyla the flexibility to produce sexually or asexually. Vertebrates produce sexually. Non-mammalian vertebrates posses an oviduct. Being mammalian vertebrates, the females in our species possess a uterus (plural uteri or “uteruses”), also known as ‘the womb’. It is a strong and flexible organ, with thick muscular tissues. It is a place specifically developed to hold and nourish the fertilized ovum.

The uterus is pear shaped and located inside the pelvis. It is dorsal and slightly rostral to the bladder. The pelvic diaphragm sits below the uterus, supporting it. Other support is gained from ligaments suspending the organ.

I am choosing to illustrate the uterus because of its unique round shape, the fact it is accompanied by  small tubes (fallopian tubes). Also becasue it is suspended by mesenteries, which should provide some neat textures to explore in pen and ink.

Sketches to come soon!


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