My Universe


In my Haptics and Augmented Reality class, we are begginning to learn the ropes by using Coindesigner. This program provides a user interface to the C++ 3D modeling library Coin3D. I am enjoying this project because it helps me better understand how data represents 3D geometry, and then how the computer renders it. We are only skimming the surface and I am excited to turn this all into C++ code over the next few weeks!

The first image gives a basic view of the overall scene. Main things to note are orbital inclination and obliquity of the planets. Nodes define different characteristics in Coindesigner, and then the attributes are applied in a hierarchical manner. Figuring out what order to place nodes, and when ‘seperators’ are needed was the basis to this puzzle.

While you can’t tell through these static images, figuring out how to accurately portray the relative speeds of the planets was a “doozie”. With the help of peers I eventually corrected the speed of the planets around the sun and the rotation of individual planet axis, accurately.

The last image shows a close up, and here you can see the different textures applied to the planets, along with the bump maps. Especially on Venus ( in the left bottom corner) these mappings provide nice adornment.


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