Summer Drive

Just Learning

Sometimes it is hard to be motivated ( in general fear and money are pretty good ones). Even when curiosity and/or creativity exists, there is sometimes a gap between thinking and execution. However  (usually) once you conjure up a little drive the gap closes and you pick up momentum. Luckily I got back into the swing of things during the first week.

This summer my main time consumers are going to be a:

Multimedia class

Flash Animation

Advance Imaging techniques

process kidney whole screen

Mimics, DICCOM data from Osirix database, Kidney, Aorta

& Pathophysiology.

Over the next 7 weeks I will also get an introduction to the surgical field, clinical sciences and the opportunity to present my research proposal (August 1st).

Stay tuned as I will explain the above images/ projects in future posts. And yes… there will be some flash.


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