Facial Retypology

3D, Just Learning

Last semester our class had there face scanned:

We took that scan and retopologized the mesh using 3DS max tools:

This time around we were able to explore Mudbox, and personally I find Mudbox Amazing!

Mudbox allows the user to create displacement maps. The process involved importing the 3D scan of our face, creating a basic bust mesh provided by Mudbox. I took the time to Push and pull the mesh as much as possible in order to line the low poly mesh up with the high poly mesh. After I was satisfied, I created a displacement map by referencing the high poly (scan) mesh. After that displacement map is created, I then applied it to the Mudbox default bust. This is a pretty simplified explanation, but if anyone is interested just leave some comments, maybe I can mock up a demo ;).

The most difficult anatomy to construct, for me, was the eyes and the ears. However I know I can get there. It just takes a lot of reworking, sculpting and pushing back and forth. One tip is to zoom back out often. It is really easy to get lost in the details, and then loose over all proportion.

The next step I want to explore is adding texture by painting in Mudbox. Then I want to export the scene to 3DS max to get some hair action going on!
What do you think, does it look like me?


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