The Eye’s Have It

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Recently returning from AMI Annual meeting, I immediately began the intense work load which the final Summer 2012 week has brought forth (or I saved for myself, tomato/tomato). I hope to show my piece from the workshop and discuss the AMI experience, but for now I want to display some work from this semester.

A recurring theme seemed to be The Eye

The first illustration displays a transverse cut through the eye. You are looking inferior half of the globe of the eye, with detail of structures within the eye. Adobe Illustrator was really helpful for this project. It helped keep lines clean and clear, facilitating depiction of the different layers making up the eye structure.


Cataract Surgery – Replacement of the Posterior Intraocular Lens

The steps I set out to depict are (a) cutting of the cornea, (b) capsulorhexis – circular cut to the lens envelop to gain access to the lens nucleus (pulp of the lens), (c) Phasoemulsification, (d) placement of the posterior chamber intraocular lens (IOL)  into the lens envelope.

I really enjoyed rendering the phacoemulsification step of the procedure. I was excited about the texture of the lens pulp! I feel more comfortable rendering in Photoshop, now I just need to get that feeling when digitally painting too ( i.e. using color ).

Followed by some surgical instruments


Comments and critiques always welcome.

Or perhaps you have some surgical stories to share?!


One thought on “The Eye’s Have It

  1. i love the cross section of the eye. those vessels are spot on! the surgical render has awesome texture in the lense. i think it would make it really nice if you made the lines in the top of the eye more smooth, like the cornea area. maybe less heavy? it would bring more attention to the focus. looks great though! 🙂 love those instruments too!

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