Luck and a million

Creative Coding, Graphical Works
past 5 years

Assign 1 Option 1

I love numbers, and seemingly random events. So I knew my visualization would be fairly abstract.

My intent was to see what sort of patterns/tendencies arise out of visualizing all the numbers from the mega millions over the past (about) 15 years. I collected and formated as much data from the megamillions website as possible. I then graphed it over time. I initially visualized the entire data set (image 1, line graph), over time and each color is a series. This much data shows some occurrences, but is too much to look at. I also liked circles better so I changed the graph to over 5 years in a circular pattern.

With the little I know about probability, you cannot take one game as whole and analyze it, you have to look at each number individually. For one game you get 5 numbers (labeled as series 1-5) and one mega ball (series 6). So I split each series into its own graph. While I can yet to put these tendencies into a formula, they yield some interesting results.


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