I really love 3D, and I am uber excited to be learning more about Autodesk Maya this  semester.  While I am not a huge fan of UV mapping, I do enjoy a good texture and shading session. A shader that most 3D artists grow fond of is sub-surface scattering. The problem with sub-surface scatter shaders is they can drastically increase render time. So in my free time I am trying to find alternative methods.

In the following post, Hosuk goes over how he explored combining multiple shaders to get the same effect. I found it an interesting read, but need to better understand normal maps.

Fake Sub Surface Scattering

I have also found that playing around with the Ramp Shader can give some pretty nifty effects.

If anyone else out there has some nice techniques please share! Or let me know what you think about Hosuk’s approach.


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