3D, Anatomy

Documenting your work is just as important as creating work. Lately I find myself working more to refine pieces and figuring out how to display it, in order to share what I have created. So to show for this I have two new videos!

The above is my Blood Components Interactive. With the help of JD Pirtle and others in the UIC – EVL lab, I now have some amazing footage of this application! This interactive was built on OmegaDesk with the help of Victor Mateevitsi,  Alessandro Febretti & Arthur Nishimoto.  The environment I developed for included a 3D viewing screen, a 2D touch screen and Kinect for gestural interaction.  My personal objective was to explore designing an application which involved different types of interaction  I wanted to think about how you would display 3D assets in this environment and also how to share textual information in the same context. I choose blood components because I like working with cellular and molecular structures. I see them as abstract characters, and while it is a serious subject, you can have a lot of fun with them!  I also enjoyed creating the flow of the blood stream. While the irregular movement of the objects can make it difficult at first, I imagine kids would enjoy the challenge of going after the different floating cells.  Ideally I see this interactive going in a science or health museum which showcases immunity.

Next I would like to share the video I made using mMaya’s beta-factor to animate the movement of HIV-RT CPK molecular representation. The main star of the animation is HIV’s Reverse Transcriptase (HIV-RT). This little devil travels with HIV’s viral RNA, turning it into DNA which is then integrated into the host cell by HIV Integrase.

This semester I am finishing up research, creating a game in Unity with teammates, redoing my website, and creating an animation in Maya. I hope you will enjoy what is to come!

For a short time you can also visit for a quick peak at a montage of my work.


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