Artist Challenge – Day 1

Graphical Works, Inspiration



Yesterday I was nominated by the talented Briana Hertzog to post 3 images a day for 5 days. Briana and I met when studying at Virginia Commonwealth University in their Communication Arts program. I always enjoy seeing the imaginative work she creates and look forward to those that come. Along with my post I will nominate another person for the challenge.  I would like to thank Briana for this this is a great opportunity. I think it is a great time for reflection as I try to make decisions about how to direct my work towards a collective body of images.

Today my images show 3 different types of work I greatly enjoy creating:



DSC_0077 (2)photography

DSC_0077and collage.

Now I nominate an individual that if it were not for him I would not have met Briana because he introduce me to the idea of illustration and VCU’s Communication Art program. . . Mr Whitney Misch.

Drawing the Figure — part 1

Traditional Work

 As a part of my anatomical visualization class we are having two sessions of figure drawing. Last Tuesday was the first, later today we will be investigating the female body. It was nice to get back into figure drawing. I need to look more at the figure, and pay attention to proportion. I keep ignoring/ drawing small heads.

The above image is intentionally in Anatomic Position. Our next assignment will involve taking this surface anatomy and using it to describe where the skeleton is, along with certain internal organs.