3D Heart

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About 2 years ago I needed to make a 3D model of the human heart for my research project.
3D anatomical heart

Then about a month ago I decided to try and 3D print it. The models are SUPER small ( 0.454w x 0.83d x 0.507(in) ). The following two objects are test prints of the model in strong flexible white plastic (left) and metallic plastic (right).



3D printed heartsThe models were printed via Shapeways, and the plan was to make necklaces for Valentines Day, but I think I will make miniature wall plaques instead. I will redo the model to create a point to hang the hearts from for the necklaces, and make sure the walls are thicker. I don’t want to mess these precious little hearts up!

Feel free to visit the model’s site here: http://shpws.me/A9oF .  While I don’t think others can print the model, because some of the walls are thin, everything seemed to turn out great! Some of the details (vessels)  printed a little messy since they are thinner than spec. But I like it, it gives the heart a more organic feel. ❤

Anatomy with CSS 3D

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This evening I want to share with you this post I came across while doing research of webGL frameworks. What I also found is this slider which allows for the display of pre-rendered images from volume rendering. It wowed me…


” I geeked out by applying fake specular lighting, for that ‘fresh meat’ look, and volumetric obscurance to enhance the sense of depth on the inside.” – @unconed

Hearing Color


“I used to dress in a way that it looks good, now I dress in a way that it sounds good.”

-Neil Harbisson


I am fascinated by this sensation. And while the speaker doesn’t really have this condition, I suppose it is why I gravitated towards this talk.

I love color but as an artists that creates for others to view work, not just to my own liking… I try to take into consideration color blindness. And I find it really intriguing how this individual, instead of relying on others to create things to his perception, he adapted to ours.

Its also amazing how he develops different mental relationships of people and objects because of his different perceptions.